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Hi! I'm so happy you are here! My name is Sarah and I love creating unique and beautiful charcuterie boards that not only look delicious but taste delicious too! 

In 2021, I made a few charcuterie boards for my best friend's bachelorette party for our day at a winery. They were a hit and I loved the ability to pair meats, cheeses, and more with wine along with the artistic touch. From there, I continued making charcuterie boards for friends and family and with a lot of encouragement and support, I finally made the decision to start my own business.


However, when I am not making boards, I am taking care of two amazing little boys and am a full time Human Resources Professional. I was born and raised in Maryland and currently reside in Pasadena, MD.

I've always admired small businesses especially when the items are handmade. It adds a personal and creative touch. I also believe small businesses are key to building community and a goal of mine is to be a part of that in Pasadena, MD; contributing and supporting a community that is ultimately where I am growing and raising my family. I am so happy the dream of having my own small business is coming true. I'm thankful for all who have supported me on this journey; it truly means so much.

I am licensed by the health department and insured.

Please look around while you are here and order your next board and more!

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